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12 Creative Laser Machine Ideas for Design in 2021

As we all know, laser cutting techniques can be applied to numerous industries for all types of design. With the help of fiber laser, CO2 gas laser, and plasma laser, we could finally process various materials to visualize ideas in mind. So now in this article, we will introduce gorgeous designs in four fields. Hope this will inspire your thoughts.

Home Decor

Decorative Paintings

If you search on Instagram, you will find many decorative pictures of many different styles. Lots of Instagrammers are becoming pop stars on this design. It includes two types: metal material and wood material.


Generally speaking, wooden design is more popular among the fans, maybe because it is more natural and easy to shape. This painting above is featured in ethnic style, if your house is mainly in natural wood color, the density of the pattern makes your house more artistic.


This painting is of anti-tradition style. It is made of stainless steel and carved out by a laser cutting machine. It is more modern than the first one and will be the perfect partner for the white wall. 

Cup Mat

Compared to decorative paintings, the cup mat is far easier to design and more useful in daily life.

To design a wonderful cup mat, a laser engraving machine is vital. Different from laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine is lower in power, so in this way, it can carve on the surface rather than cut the materials through.


I suppose our office will be lightened if we use these cup mats. The brain is made of foam by a CO2 laser cutter while the constellation is just made by laser marking or laser engraving technique.

Our M series is famous for laser engraving. It applies CO2 laser to deal with non-metal materials effectively. With Schneider driving motor, it can guarantee continuous working. The Hiwin guide rail provides stability structure on the working process. Also, our CO2 laser cutting machine is all equipped with protective covers, which can provide the operator’s eyes and make it environmental-friendly.



Laser cutting, engraving, and marking techniques have great potential when applied to clock design. Many modern artists and designers regard the clock as a symbol to express their ideas like life’s meaning, time flies, and nature. 

This twelve-sided clock designed by NIUSdesign is a 12-sided polygon, full of repeated triangles and trapezoid shapes, with a uniquely modern aesthetic.


These Baltic birch wall clocks from Anthropologie start with solid wood (right) and are then laser cut with a wood pattern (top) or honeycomb (left) to bring natural and geometric beauty to the time.


In a sleepless city, this New York clock from Laserangelo, the road, and waterway in the foreground are laser-cut from birch wood, and the land area is an acrylic background, allowing you to keep your sense of time day and night.




The laser machine is an expert on exquisite pattern design. Most of the laser cutters can deal with diameters within 0.05mm. So this advantage can be used for earring cutting without any doubt.

Usually, the designer or you could call them manufacturer, will draw the picture and tile it on one page massively, in this way the laser machine can make mass production continuously in a short time. 

Usually, the materials of the earrings are metal, like gold, silver, or brass. But considering the “Liking the new and hating the old” is in human nature, designers also make stainless steel type, which is also anti-deformation and cheap.


The wood and acrylic materials are new stars recently in earrings’ design. The wood-style can easily give you a sense of gypsies while acrylic is more of a modern style. Both of them can be made by laser cutting machine or engraving machine with just a small platform and low power.


The F series is relatively small in the power of all of our laser cutting machines. It can cut through metal materials of the thickness from 1mm to 45mm board with cutting areas of 3000*1500mm. For accessories like earrings, a low-power machine is better. Because it is both cheap and has smaller dimensions, which makes it easy to operate.



A badge is also popular among laser cutting machine applications. Metal and wood materials are the most famous type. Acrylic is also one of the most popular materials, but due to its transparency, it cannot realize some of the badge designs.


For such a badge, we suggest you buy materials in particular shapes, in this way you just need to order and laser marking or engraving machine to save your budget at most.



It must be very proud to wear your ideas and talents on and show them around to other people. With a low-power laser marking and engraving machine, buttons are a mini drawing board where you can carve or paint the patterns and shapes.



Our small-sized laser marking machine, with a platform of 110*110mm or 300*300mm, can reach the working accuracy of 0.001mm. Such dimension is suitable for home DIT enthusiasts while occupying less room and consume less electricity.



Folding Screen

In ancient China, folding screens are mainly used for blocking a private area in a big living room, and the materials are just wood or bamboo. So the craftsman usually carves a beautiful pattern on it. In modern times, the folding screen is not only for building an area but also used as a decorative wall or door. You could often see this design in the hotel hall to separate the rest area and the front desk.


Generally speaking, to accomplish such a design, we can only need a laser cutting machine to cut through the materials.

Desk and Chair

When mention woodworking design, desk, and chair will always jump into our mind at the first time. Many laser cutting beginners prefer them to be their first work maybe they are the easiest in making. But today we would like to share with you some original or even strange designs.


This chair looks like a fishbone structure but it is as comfortable as normal chairs. It applies an ergonomic design to scatter the force when sitting. And the biggest advantage of it is it’s detachable. So as you can imagine when torn down, it is just a pile of wood chips made by a laser cutting machine.


Does this table remind you of the movie Inception? It folds the city silhouette to form a curve of the table. Such design is far harder. You need a laser tube cutting machine to help cut different lengths of the “buildings” with high precision. Then weld them together like a pile of building blocks.


Cupboard can also be artistic if designed properly. Usually it is designed by wood and stainless steel. Both of the two materials can be dealt with by laser cutting machine.

So, if you are looking for a convenient helper, our welding machine HJ series is designed for marking and etching. It is usually used for metal board sticking and connection. This welder can connect the two metal boards with thin seams and no leavings of residue and consumables. The machine applies quick laser heating welding techniques, and this operation will guarantee the shape of the materials to make it not easy to distort or deform.

products_bdi_color_elements 8000_8777-rc-me-wl-b1



The chess can be both 3D printed or laser cut, but considering the cost, laser cutting is more economic.

To realize the checkered pattern, we need the help of a laser marking machine to change the wood color.


Also, if you are an experienced designer, burn or heat the wood to change the color is also appropriate.


Building Block

Building blocks might be the simplest type of laser cutting machine. Just cut the wood or metal bar regularly and done. However, designing a creative building block is as difficult as solving a riddle. Like we can see in the picture below. We need to calculate the length and thickness so that the blocks can be integrated.



Some of the building blocks can be irregular in shape. So except metal sheet cutting machine, we can also use a tube laser cutter. Our L6010 model is classified as a tiny tube fiber laser cutting machine, which is suitable for metal building block design and manufacturing, is in hot sale among toymakers. This laser cutting, on one hand, can produce the blocks effectively and precisely, on the other hand, the quick cutting can deal with the cutting edge orderly to guarantee the quality and service safety for children.


Wooden Horse

Everyone has his or her little horse in childhood! Now even we grow old, we can also have one!


This wooden horse is far smaller than we ride. Usually, you can put it on your office desk.


Of course, if you want, you could also make a real wooden horse for your kids.

No matter the size, the horse needs the CO2 laser cutting machine to make. Its structure is so simple that you don’t need to use a laser engraver! 



At first, the laser machine and technique is more tend to deal with huge industrial design. But now more and more people use it to design decorative stuff, so the machine is more and more precise and accurate.

Also, our factory is preparing the new models of laser cutting machine and laser welding machine to meet different needs of metal processing. For more details, welcome to follow us through our social media, we will update the info timely:

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