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Advertising Industry

The advertising sheet forming industry is a traditional industry where laser cutting machines are used mostly. As the cost of laser cutting machines continues to decrease, the demand for laser cutting machines in the advertising industry is increasing at an annual rate of over 20%. According to stats, the current infiltration price of laser handling tools in there is still less than 5%. With the industry's growth, the replacement needs for upgrading initial tool processing to laser reducing equipment will undoubtedly accelerate.

There are still lots of issues in the present advertising and marketing manufacturing sector. In the traditional advertising and marketing manufacturing process, some products have innovative layouts and also intricate frameworks, thoughtlessly pursuing novelty and appeal, overlooking manufacturing as well as processing quality and also cycle problems, resulting in a long production time, the early design is refreshing, and the finished product is waiting for the crematorium. What's more, the design and production process of some personalized advertisements is complicated and challenging to mass-produce; and some unscrupulous manufacturers will cut corners and make simple and straightforward steps in the production of finished kitchenware products, which affects the aesthetics of the design seriously. There are several similar problems, and also, the application of laser cutting equipment can boost this, which considerably advertises the advancement of the market.


Using laser cutting can get rid of the mold and mildew opening procedure and boost performance. The laser cutting equipment can cut any airplane graphics on metal and also non-metal materials. As long as there is an illustration, it can be controlled by a computer to reduce good examples. For an innovative market such as advertising and marketing, efficient laser cutting innovation boosts production. In the versatility, the benefits are evident. At the same time, the whole process is environmental-friendly as well as pollution-free, the production workshop can be maintained tidy, and the cutting waste will be considerably lowered.

The advantages of laser cutting machine are as follows:

1. High degree of automation

The current metal laser cutting machine adopts digital control. When processing the workpiece, you only need to use CAD to plan the parts to be processed and import them into the particular software for the metal laser cutting machine. The sheet delay can follow the pattern described by CAD. Manual alignment is entirely unnecessary to cut the pictures you need. In addition, the current metal laser cutting software also has intelligent typesetting results, which can save the most torrential materials and save the cost of raw materials.


2. High precision

The laser has the characteristics of directional light emission and high energy density, and the precision of the screw drive device can reach 0.01mm. In addition, the edge of the laser cutting metal will be smoother without burrs. Compared with the flame cutting machine and the plasma cutting machine, it can be saved. The cutting fluid is more economical to remove the burrs twice.

3. Fast speed

Faster than traditional cutting machines for both laser cutting and engraving process.


4. It can complete the cutting of arc-shaped plates

The laser cutting machine can be equipped with a dynamic focusing system, which can be used for different thickness plates without changing any parameters. Automatically complete the laser cutting of plates of different thicknesses.


Disen Laser's professional laser cutting machine solutions can significantly avoid traditional production methods and help the long-term development of the advertising industry with high-efficiency, high-quality, and precise cutting effects.