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Jinan Branch of CCPIT Visit and Investigate DISEN LASER
DISEN LASER, as the dark horse of laser intelligent manufacture industry, developing rapidly in the laser field of Jinan, has received great attention from governments and organizations at all levels. On the morning of Sep. 7th, Minister Zhang of the Jinan Branch of CCPIT, along with his delegation,
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The Great Laser Machine! Disen 30000W Laser Machine Hit the Shelf!
With the development of the metal industry, traditional low-end laser cutting machines can no longer meet the cutting needs. The industry urgently needs laser cutting machines that can handle large format and high thickness materials. To this end, Disen has increased its investment in research and d
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How to Adjust the Focal Length Precision of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?
High-precision fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in the cutting and processing of metal materials, and the accuracy of fiber laser cutting machines determines the cutting quality and production efficiency of metal parts. However, any laser cutting machine will have a certain accuracy erro
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Treat Your Laser Machine as A Creature! Environment Influences Your Laser Machine
Every year, our hotline of Disen spikes after winter and rainy season. Most of the questions are: Why did my machine suddenly stop? My laser cutter doesn’t work at all, what happened and what should I do? The truth is, many people didn’t realize our temperature influences the laser machine greatly,
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