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Household Appliances

Laser cutting technology has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, and small heat-affected zone. It can also process various metal materials, especially materials with high hardness, high brittleness, and high melting point. Thus, it is ideal for manufacturing household home appliances that call for a lightweight and gorgeous appearance. 

Whether it is a microwave oven, a washing machine, or stove-most household appliances are composed of fragile plates and a large number of forming processes and must withstand years of use. Therefore, home appliance manufacturers need to provide production partners with high-precision laser cutting machines to process sheet metal parts flexibly.


Compared with traditional cutting method, fiber laser cutting machine is better for home appliances design. Because such appliances need high precision cutting, at the same time, the aesthetic. So traditional technique is not precise and will cause blurr on the metal edge, while new fiber laser techinique is perfect for the cutting and design.


Laser cutting machines are mainly used for drilling and cutting metal shells and metal parts of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and other products (metal sheet parts account for more than 30% of all aspects). For example, you can cut thin steel plate parts. Such as cut air conditioner metal fittings, metal outer covers, cut and perforate the bottom or back heat dissipation plate of the refrigerator, and cut the metal smoke guide plate the range hood. 


In particular, washing machine drums require high-quality welds to avoid damage to clothing. Laser welding is convincing here with high-quality results.