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Jinan Branch of CCPIT Visit and Investigate DISEN LASER


DISEN LASER, as the dark horse of laser intelligent manufacture industry, developing rapidly in the laser field of Jinan, has received great attention from governments and organizations at all levels. On the morning of Sep. 7th, Minister Zhang of the Jinan Branch of CCPIT, along with his delegation, came to DISEN LASER to conduct field research, to investigate and understand the overall layout and development of DISEN LASER, and gave the important instructions for the next work of DISEN LASER.



Minister Zhang and his party came to DISEN LASER R&D Center and Workshop to investigate the product development and production of DISEN LASER, highly praised the achievements made by DISEN LASER to continuously promote technological innovation and develop overseas markets.



Since the global spread of COVID-19 virus in 2020, DISEN LASER has rapidly adjusted the development ideal, deployed cross-border e-commerce online channels in an all-round way, and achieved a 30% increase in annual transaction data. The laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine and other laser equipment from DISEN LASER are being put into work in more than 180 countries and regions around the world, and continue to create value for customers.



Minister Zhang pointed out: Enterprises should further increase their innovation, continuously enhance their core competitiveness and industry voice, accelerate the promotion of high-quality development, and urge the relevant departments to go all out to provide good support and services for the development of the enterprise.