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20000w Fiber Laser V.S. Plasma Laser Machine, Which One Is Better?
As the pioneer of China's 10,000 watt lasers, Disen Laser has surpassed all obstacles and opened up a new thoroughfare for the application and market promotion of domestic 10,000 watt lasers. The shipment volume has continued to grow and has now reached 400+ units. What is pleasantly surprised is th
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The Status of China's Laser Market and the Progress of Localization of Fiber Lasers
In 2020, China’s Laser Market Will Reach to 10.91 Billion U.S. Dollars, Accounting for Over 60% of the Global Market
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Research on automatic loading and unloading equipment of laser cutting machine 
Since the 21st century, in the field of sheet metal processing, CO2 laser cutting machines have been gradually replaced by fiber laser cutting machines. High-quality, high-precision, high-efficiency, large-format, and low-cost have become the development trend of fiber laser cutting machines. At the
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The Advantages of Laser Welding Machine in Intelligent Automobile Making Industry
At present, industrial manufacturing is relatively mature and is developing towards a more advanced stage--industrial 4.0. The industrial 4.0 level represents fully automated production, that is, intelligent manufacturing. The automobile industry is very developed in China. If the industry is divide
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