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Mechanical arm laser welding workstation, also known as laser welding robot, can realize efficient automatic welding as an independent welding unit. It will improve welding quality and efficiency, reduce production cost and labor. With ultra-low splash welding, the seams can be tidy and no scar left, and can be widely applied to many materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metals. Under intelligent control, it can adjust the range of motion of the manipulator according to requirements, and can adapt to the high-quality welding of various shapes of workpiece.

Intelligent Six-axis Welding Robot

Improve Welding Quality
In the welding process, the welding robot can accurately repeat the action as long as the welding parameters and movement set, then to avoid manual welding error, which is more suitable for batch parts and complex welding job.
Control Output
Due to the high repeatability of the robot, it will continue to act according to the instructions with a clear cycle, so it is easier to control the output and arrange the production plan according to your needs.
Reduce Production Cost
In large-scale production, one welding robot can do the same work of 2-4 of human workers, which largely reduce labor cost. With robot arm, it also avoids production accidents.
Improve Working Efficiency
The welding robot has short response time and quick action, and the welding speed is of 60-120cm/min, which is much higher than the manual welding speed (40-60cm/min). It can realize 24-hour continuous production to significantly guarantee and improve production efficiency.

Mechanical Arm

Safe Operation

Equipped with safety emergency stop board independent of control system, using safety relay circuit to provide double circuit emergency stop externally, it can ensure the reliability of emergency stop and operation safety.


Efficient Operation

Compact structure, large working range, fast running speed, high repositioning accuracy.


Stable Operation

The robot adopts special high-flexible cable inside the bod and built-in three-phase transformer, which is more stable in power supply. Built-in 

three-phase filter will effectively improve EMC and EMI performance.


Welding Wobble Laser Head

This welding joint can swing 180°. Cooperate with six axis mechanical arm, it can carry out 360° angle welding. Such feature can improve efficiency in aluminum alloy welding and medium power welding application, which is an economical and efficient welding joint.
The welding head adopts motor-driving X and Y axis vibration lens, has a variety of swing modes, and the swing welding allows welding of irregular workpiece. Larger gap and other processing parameters can significantly improve the welding quality. The internal structure of the welding head is completely sealed, which can avoid the dust pollution. Equipped with air curtain and coaxial parts to reduce the pollution of welding dust and splashing residue on the lens.

CCD Visual Monitoring System

Using vision sensor for welding seam tracking. The system has high tracking precision, can gather rich information in the welding area, and equipped with high intelligence function. Designed by strong ability to adapt to different interface, the the gap size can also be calculated at the same time to identify welding path recognition joint form, which will realize real time control of welding quality in the process of automatic tracking, change the mechanical arm motion path at the same time to make correct deviation and exquisite welding techinique, realizing intelligent welding.

Independent Control System

Equipped with independent system control cabinet and control panel in the independent electrical cabinet, easy to operate and maintain.


Equipped with different types of positioner according to the processing requirements to achieve more flexible and efficient laser welding.

Technical Parameter

Model Mechanical Arm Laser Welding Workstation HR Series
Operation Radius
Repositioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Gorss Weight 170kg
Range of Motion J1                -167°~+167°
J2                -155°~+90°  
J3               -175°~+240°
J4                -190°~+190°
J5                -105°~+130°
J6                -210°~+210°
Max Speed J1                              169°/s
J2                              169°/s
J3                              169°/s
J4                             301°/s
J5                             222°/s
J6                             516°/s
 Permissible Torque J4                           20N.M
J5                           20N.M
J6                           20N.M
Admissible Moment of Inertia J4                   0.63kg/㎡
J5                   0.63kg/㎡
J6                   0.33kg/㎡
                                    *The above data are for reference only, subject to the actual product!



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