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Metal Processing Industry

Sheet steel laser cutting machine, metal tube laser cutting machine, plate and tube dual-use laser cutting machine are the largest expert areas covered by Disen Laser products. Consumers can obtain ideal laser equipment and professional automation options, consulting, and diversified services at Disen Laser. Our goal is: to provide every client with economic, trustworthy, and high-grade laser machines for processing products.

Application of Laser Cutting in Sheet Steel Processing:

With the constant upgrade of sheet metal handling modern technology, cutting equipment generally includes (CNC and non-CNC) shears, strikes, flame-cutting, plasma cutting, high-pressure water cutting, laser cutting, and so on. Sheet metal cutting has a wide range of applications, such as heavy machinery, ships, apparel, glass, and other sectors. Boosting sheet metal use price lowers the manufacturing cost as well as brings substantial financial advantages to ventures.


Shearing, boxing, and flexing are standard approaches to sheet steel processing, which can not be separated from the mold throughout the handling, as well as thousands of molds are frequently set up during the handling. The extensive use of mold and mildews increases the moment price and funding cost of the item. It decreases the accuracy of product handling, affects the repeatability of the product, and is not for adjustments in the production process. It is not for improving production effectiveness. The use of laser handling innovation can conserve several molds in the production procedure, reduce manufacturing time, decrease manufacturing costs, and enhance item accuracy. Laser cutting of stamping parts can also ensure the precision of mold design. Blanking is the previous painting procedure, and also its dimension is generally modified. The size of the blanking die can be established extra properly via the test production of laser cutting and blanking components, which has become the basis for the automation of sheet steel handling.

Shortcomings of Traditional Sheet Metal Handling Innovation:

The conventional sheet metal processing innovation is the shearing-punching-bending-welding process or fire plasma cutting-bending-welding procedure. In the face of multi-variety, small-batch, tailored, top quality, and short-delivery orders, it has apparent imperfections:

1. (Numerical control) shearing machine is mainly used for straight-line cutting, so it can just be utilized for sheet steel processing that needs straight-line cutting;

2. (CNC/Brick Tower) The punching maker has limitations on the cutting of steel plates with a thickness of greater than 1.5 mm, as well as the surface area top quality is terrible, the price is high, as well as the sound is substantial, which is not for environmental protection;

3. Fire cutting, as the initial conventional cutting method, has considerable thermal contortion while reducing wide slits, waste of materials, slow handling speed, as well as is just appropriate for harsh processing;

4. The processing rate of high-pressure water cutting is sluggish, triggering severe air pollution and high usage price.

The Application and Benefits of Laser Reducing Device in Sheet Steel Processing:

1.Use software program to boost laser reducing performance. Laser reducing can effectively make use of the advantages of software programs. It will dramatically improve the use rate of thin-plate materials and decrease the waste of materials, thereby to minimize employees' labor intensity and strength to accomplish the preferred impact. On the other hand, maximizing the performance of discharging can leave out the reducing procedure of slim plate cutting, and properly minimizing the clamping of products, and decrease handling support. Therefore, it promotes a much more affordable plan of the reducing strategy and efficiently improves the handling effectiveness as well as material saving;


2. Save item advancement cycle as well as realize mass production of sheet steel components. In the ever-developing market atmosphere, the rate of item development means the marketplace. The application of laser cutting devices can effectively decrease the variety of mold and mildews utilization, conserve the growth cycle of new products, and advertise its growth rate and speed. The quality of the components after laser cutting is good, and the manufacturing effectiveness is dramatically boosted, which is helpful for small-batch manufacturing. It also securely ensures the market environment that the product development cycle is shortening day by day. The application of laser cutting can influence the dimension of the blanking die. Exact positioning of the size, laying a solid foundation for automation in the future;

3. Decrease sheet metal processing treatments and manufacturing expenses. In the sheet steel handling operation, mainly all home plate components need to be formed on the laser reducing device at once and directly welded and put together. Therefore, the application of the laser cutting equipment reduces the procedure and construction period properly and improves the job performance. The double optimization and decrease of labor strength as well as processing price, while advertising the optimization of the working environment, substantially improving the rate and progress of R & D, minimizing mold and mildew financial investment, is greatly reduce production costs;

The wholesome life of laser cutting innovation is long. At present, most of the plates utilize laser to deal with density of 2mm no matter at home or abroad.

The Features of Sheet Steel Laser Cutting:

Laser cutting has the advantages of the high level of versatility, quick reducing speed, high consumption efficiency, and brief item consumption cycle. It has obtained popularity rapidly in the customer market. Compared to standard cutting approaches, laser cutting has the advantages to simplify your design:

★ Laser cutting has a high level of flexibility, quick reducing speed, high production efficiency, and a short product manufacturing cycle.

★ Laser cutting has no cutting pressure and also can process without contortion;

★ No tool wearing, good product adaptability, long sensible life,

★ No matter whether it is a complex or simple sheet metal components, it can be cut with laser accuracy and rapid prototyping at once;

★ It has slim slits, significantly reducing quality, high degree of automation, effortless operation, reduced labor intensity, and also pollution free;

★ It can understand cutting automated layout and nesting, which boosts the utilization price of products, and has reduced manufacturing expense, excellent financial advantages.


New Hot Application: Fitness Equipment 

The fitness equipment manufacturing industry is a rising star in laser applications. Due to many pipe processing in this industry, such as spinning bikes, bicycles, sit-ups, children's scooters, outdoor fitness equipment, and other products, a large number of pipe components and the processing of plates is relatively tiny. The cutting and punching process of pipes is often used, so high-efficiency and high-precision laser tube cutting equipment are essential. Disen Laser has specially developed and manufactured a professional tube laser cutting machine for the sports fitness equipment industry. It can complete the cutting of various shapes of pipes and process any complex curve graphics on the pipe surface without being limited by the difficulty of the pictures and the length of the tube.


Compared with the traditional sheet metal cutting process that requires cutting, punching, and bending, it consumes many molds and requires a higher cost investment. The laser cutting machine does not need to go through these processes, and the cutting effect and quality are even better. It can directly cut and perforate various traditional or special-shaped pipes such as round pipes, square pipes, elliptical pipes, D-shaped pipes, etc. The cut pipes do not need to be processed twice and can be directly welded, which dramatically shortens. The production period creates absolute value for the enterprise.