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The Forecast of Laser Machine's Development and Potential

In today's market of metal processing, it is well-known that the production efficiency of fiber laser cutting machines is very high. The cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is higher and higher due to the increasing power of the machine, at the same time, the cutting speed can reach to 30m/min, and the cutting thickness can be as high as 70mm. Such excellent cutting speed and the great cutting thickness make the laser cutting machine more popular and widely used in the industry.

Now, the fiber laser cutting machine industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading. Under the current broad industry prospects, fiber laser cutting machines must work hard to develop new technologies in order to occupy a place in the increasingly fierce market competition. For production needs, fiber laser cutting machines can develop in these directions:

1. Increasement of Automatic Production

At present, the cost of metal processing mainly lies in labor hiring and raw materials. In this way, upgrading automated production can effectively reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency. In the future, we believe automated production will become the mainstream.


2. Versatility

The same device with different functions can easily expand its scope of use. In order to realize the multi-function of the same equipment, it is necessary to adopt modular design and multi-module combination design to realize new equipment suitable for different materials and processes.


3. United Production Line

A product production line is destined to be realized by multiple devices. Integrating functions on one device will cause inconvenience in operation and maintenance, however, several equipment with equivalent efficiency can be combined to form a complete production line.

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4. New Techniques

The current fiber laser cutting machine still adopts semi-automatic or fully automatic production methods. With the continuous development of information technology, advanced fiber laser cutting machines will have higher precision, higher efficiency, and more user-friendly solutions.