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The Great Laser Machine! Disen 30000W Laser Machine Hit the Shelf!

With the development of the metal industry, traditional low-end laser cutting machines can no longer meet the cutting needs. The industry urgently needs laser cutting machines that can handle large format and high thickness materials. To this end, Disen has increased its investment in research and development. After one year of concentrated research and development, it launched a 30000W high-power laser machine, which was officially published this month.

At 10:00 on August 7, 2021, Disen held a new product conference in Shandong Dato Laser Industrial Park, announcing the official launch of the 30000W large-format laser machine. Provincial and municipal governments’ leaders, industry associations and CCTV net, Sina, Qilu Evening News, Shandong TV station and dozens of authoritative media attended the conference, together with new and old customers to witness this moment.



At the beginning of the press conference, Alex, the director of Disen, gave a speech, narrating the development history of Disen in the past few years. Then he introduced the design concept -enhancing value with quality, flying dreams with integrity, and reaping brilliance with sincerity.

After that, Alex expressed sincere gratitude to the company's R&D staff and partners who have always supported Disen for a long time. Also, corresponding prizes were awarded to outstanding suppliers.

At the scene, we invited a number of domestic partners to participate in the exhibition. At the same time, we gave a detailed introduction and operation demonstration of the new machine. The efficient and fast cutting technology left a deep impression on the audience.

Moreover, Disen also launched an online live broadcast to introduce the product features to customers from overseas in real time. After the release, it attracted millions of views.

As a result of painstaking research and development, this large-format machine maintains the high-precision cutting characteristics of traditional power machines to runs stably and continuously. The intelligent control system is used to cut 100mm ultra-thick and large-format metal with high power, realizing a leap in laser cutting technology.



In order to reduce post-maintenance procedures and costs, the machine adopts intelligent anti-collision and automatic-obstacle avoidance design, which greatly reduces the degree of product loss. The newly added scanning flight cutting function also greatly improves the production efficiency and saves cutting time while ensuring the cutting accuracy of the machine.

As a high-end laser machine design and manufacturing brand, Disen always upholds the mission of achieving goals, exploration and innovation, gathering gratitude, and also insist the spirit of excellence and courage to be the first. Since 2019, in order to solve the metal cutting problems on the market, the company has increased its investment in the research and development of new technologies. Under the premise of ensuring the working accuracy and stability, it has gradually increased the power of the products, so as to realize the rapid cutting of thick metal plates, which greatly improves the production efficiency of customers.

In the future, Disen’s innovation will continue to advance based on the technology and solutions required by customers, and will also contribute to the realization of Industry 4.0 and become a member of Dream of Made in China 2025!