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The Solutions for Low Efficiency of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is becoming more and more popular in industrial processing area. One of the reason is that, it has higher working efficiency but lower labor cost than other types of cutting machine. However, many of our customers also complained about the machine doesn’t improve their working efficiency too much. So today Disen will discuss about this problem and help to find out the reasons.

Doesn’t Apply the Automatic Cutting Technique 

Fiber laser cutting machine has no automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database in the system, so operators can only rely on experience to carry out drawing cutting manually, and can not do automatic perforation and automatic cutting. However, manual adjustment is vital and required in the cutting process, in the long run, the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine is very low.


Apply Inappropriate Cutting Method

If the operator doesn’t use of common edge, edge borrowing, bridge and other cutting methods in cutting sheet metal, both the cutting path and time can be very long. In this way, the production efficiency is very low. At the same time, such operation will cause higher consumption of consumables , which will lead to high cost.

Doesn’t Apply Nesting Software

No nesting software is used in typesetting and cutting, but manual typesetting in the system, and cutting in turn according to the cutting sequence of parts. This will cause a large number of scraps after cutting the plate, lowering the utilization rate of the plate. The cutting path is not optimized will longer the cutting time and lower the production efficiency.

Cutting Power Does Not Match the Actual Cutting Thickness

The corresponding fiber laser cutting machine is not selected according to the actual cutting. For example, the actual need to cut 16mm carbon steel plate in large quantities but choose a 3000W power cutting equipment (which is inappropriate). The problem is, the equipment can indeed cut 16mm carbon steel plate, but the cutting speed is only 0.7m/min, and long time cutting will lead to the lens consumables damage rate increase, even will affect the focus lens. In this way we suggest you to change a 6000W fiber laser cutting machine to improve the working efficiency as well as protect the machine.


The above are the reasons for the low efficiency of the common fiber laser cutting machine and its solution. In order to improve the processing efficiency, there are some other methods. A good laser cutting machine is an important condition for efficient production, at the same time, the protection and maintenance of the laser cutting machine should also be done.