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Treat Your Laser Machine as A Creature! Environment Influences Your Laser Machine

Every year, our hotline of Disen spikes after winter and rainy season. Most of the questions are: Why did my machine suddenly stop? My laser cutter doesn’t work at all, what happened and what should I do? The truth is, many people didn’t realize our temperature influences the laser machine greatly, and even the cold machine, needs careful and regular maintenance. So here today, let’s discuss the factors that will stop your laser machine and what should we do to avoid those failures.

The Fragile Parts You Need to Pay Attention Most

Heart of the Machine

Laser head and laser generator are the heart of the fiber laser cutting machine. It produces laser beam and give energy to the light to help you cut the stubborn materials. It is usually made of exquisite optical glasses, which are easy to be scratched.

Usually the price of the two devices are from $800-3000, while the whole laser cutting machine is usually $4000 at least. So you can tell the laser devices take most part of the total price, and this is why it’s so urgent to give them a full protection.


Servo motor in laser cutting machine is a very important part. Its quality determines the stability of the operation of the equipment, especially the deformation of the processing profile. Servo motors in laser cutting machines can control speed and position accuracy very accurately. As an intermediate actuator to undertake machinery and control system, it can make up, optimize and coordinate the movements of various systems to a certain extent, so as to achieve a more perfect control purpose.

The price of the servo motor is around $100-400. Considering it controls the precision of the machine, we suggest you not to buy a second-hand or use the low-end brand, which may destroy your cutting work.

Cooling-water Machine is like the lubricant of laser equipment. It is the indispensable partner of laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and other laser equipment! The laser water cooler not only takes away the heat generated when the laser works with high efficiency, cools the laser, but also improves the precision and output of the laser.

The frozen water circulation system adopts stainless steel multi-stage pump and stainless steel, PVC material connection, no rust worry, can directly use pure water or deionized water. So it is vital to keep it in stable temperature and clean.

The control panel all belong to precise instruments. Inside of them there are intricate circuits to deliver the order and keep normal running of the machine. So it must be kept in low moisture environment and stay away from the water. 


Factors That May Malfunction Your Laser Machine


Obviously, temperature will influence your laser machine. No matter the temperature of the environment or the machine itself, they will all impair the working efficiency, even decrease service life.

Laser machine is just like us, it prefer living in a stable environment. The best temperature for them is between 15-30°C. If too high, the machine can not dissipate its own heat to the environment, which will trigger the protection program to stop the machine. Also, high temperature will cause expansion of the spare parts, and this phenomenon will broken the machine structure and cause damage inside.

But for most of the time, people worry more about extreme low temperature. This problem often occurs in our Russian, Canadian and North European friends. The temperature below 0°C will frozen the cooling water, causing startup failure. What’s more, such frozen temperature will broken the optical devices, decrease the luminousness and make them fragile to use.


Humidity is also a major factor that influences laser machine’s working process.

Usually the humidity of the temperature should be between 40-60 RH. This number is also the consideration of water cooling system. Too dry, the cooling water will evaporated slowly, which will lower the cooling effect. If too humid, the water vapour will condense on the surface of the machine. For precise instrument like circuit board and control system chip, the water drops will lead to short circuit as you start the machine at once. Moreover, after long time use, once the the anti-rust coat falls off, the moisture will corrode the metal to be rusty.


Nobody wants to work in a dusty workshop, so does your laser machine.

Too much dust or dirt will clog the seams of the laser machine. For guide rails, the oil on it will absorb the dust in the air inevitably. For devices inside the laser machine, the dust lump can lower the rate of heat dissipation. For exquisite parts like optical lens, the ash can influence light transmittance and even scratch the surface.

If your machine uses air cooling system, things will be worse. Dust floating in the air can gather around the vent and weaken the exhaust fan. This will not only influence heat dissipation, but also cause big noise.


How to Save the Laser Machine?


On the laser machine market, most of the them are equipped with water cooling system. Considering it, first, the temperature of cooling water should not be lower or higher than environment air temperature. As we all know, cold air will cause water condensation. When the water temperature is lower than that in the air for more than 7°C,water drops come out. To avoid this, it is the best to control the water temperature in 25-30°C and environment temperature in 25-30±7 °C.

Also, with the increase of temperature of summer, the working pressure of the cooling system in the laser cutting machine also rises. So Disen suggests to check the inside pressure before high temperature hit our workshop. At the same time, we should monitor and adjust the pressure at any time.

In addition, different manufacturer and laser machine has different pressure, please be sure to adjust the configuration according to the instruction books.

Just like the water we drink daily, the water in the machine can also get rotten in summer, especially under high temperature, the water can go bad faster. Due to it, we suggest to use distilled water and change the water regularly. Such maintenance can not only ensure the water quality, but also will avoid scaling inside the tube (which will trigger high-temperature alarm).

If scaling forms, please clean it up according to the instruction book or guidance.


To prevent high temperature difference that will cause moisture and water drops, we should never leave the water cooling machine running while the laser device has been shut down. And in tough working environment, like hot and humid factory, we could keep the air conditioner on. What’s more, before running the laser machine, we could turn on the air conditioner first and wait for 30 minutes to make the environment better for laser machine.

Many of our customers would like to build a booth for laser machine separately. For one thing, the smaller space makes the machine storage easier, for another, it can save more budget produced by the air conditioner!

Thirdly, remember to check and change the wire, plug and other electrical apparatus elements in time to avoid the poor contact that may cause short circuit or stagnation of signal transmission.

When the water-cooling machine is turned off in the laser equipment, it cannot happen that the cooling has already caused the water-cooling and running!


The dust we referred to is the ash scattered in the air, which is produced by metal seams’ melting. So before start cleaning, we should secure the ventilation of the workshop, and clean the exhaust fan at first.   

The hot spot of gathering dust in the machine is the guide rail. Usually we should lubricate the guide rail regularly, so the lubrication can be a best place to glue dust in the air. The correct operation is, every month, we should clean the guide rail first, then lubricate again to guarantee smooth running. And in daily processing work, we should adjust the machine in time if any abnormality happens. This will help to ensure the cutting precision and quality.


Another Factor That You Cant Ignore

You will never think of the tilted floor will weaken your laser machine!

Actually for beginner, our instruction book will always mention that: Please install the machine on the level ground. Many people may ignore it. But the fact is, due to gravity, the tilted floor could lead to unnecessary wearings while the machine running, especially for gear and the laser beam, which greatly increase the maintenance price and shorten its service life.