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What is Common Cutting in Laser Cutting Machine Application?

To give full play to the efficiency of the laser cutting machine, you need the help of auxiliary software. The typesetting software can effectively increase the utilization rate of the plate and appropriately improve the cutting efficiency. The purpose of the typesetting software is to arrange as many parts to be cut on the plate as possible. If each part is cut separately, there will be more perforation times and batch repeated cutting paths, which is not conducive to cost saving. Common edge cutting can be used. To effectively solve this problem, we need to know what is the common edge cutting? What are the characteristics?


The typesetting software will take into account the cutting efficiency and perform co-edge typesetting when the machine working, and then adopt co-edge cutting. Co-edge cutting is to arrange the parts with the same or similar side lengths together when optimizing the layout. When the cutting command is generated, the common edge part of the outer contour of these parts is cut only once. Co-edge cutting can effectively reduce the number of perforations, reduce the average cutting path of a single part, improve the overall production efficiency, and save costs.


Common laser cutting machines generally have only one cutting head, which can only cut a single position at the same time. The problem of co-edge cutting through path planning is that no matter what the path sequence is, the co-edge of all parts is only cut once by the cutting head, and no side is cut repeatedly. Because once the plate is cut, it will produce thermal deformation, and repeated cutting will affect the quality of the cut section.


It is very easy for regular parts to be typeset with co-edges, while co-edge typesetting for irregular parts is a big problem. The laser cutting process must fully consider meeting the processing quality, processing efficiency and manufacturing cost. The stroke planning of common edge cutting should follow the principle of less perforation times and short cutting path, so that cutting efficiency can be greatly improved and cutting costs can be saved.