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  • Q What is a fiber laser handheld welding machine and what can it do?


    This is a new type of metal welding technology, which has low technical requirements for skilled workers. It only needs light grinding and light polishing to produce exquisite effects, which is firm and reliable. It is another new welding method that reduces labor costs and increases production efficiency.

  • Q How big products can the fiber laser handheld welding machine weld?


    Strictly speaking, the general fiber cable is 8-15 meters, and it can be welded within the diameter range.

  • Q What materials can be welded by the fiber laser handheld welding machine


    Fiber laser hand-held welding machine can weld 0.4-5.0mm thick stainless steel, galvanized sheet, iron sheet, copper, aluminum and other metal materials.

  • Q After using the handheld laser welding machine, how many skilled workers can one machine hold?


    It is conservative to say that you can have 3 welding technicians, and you can have a 1-2 years welding master when you just get started. Of course, practice makes perfect, it depends on where your workers' comprehension ability can reach.

  • Q How long is the warranty for the handheld laser welding machine?

    A The laser has a two-year warranty, the whole machine has a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance (Note: Consumables are not included)
  • Q Can laser welding with wire feed?


    Yes, 0.8-1.0 for 1000 watts, 0.8-1.2 for 1500 watts.

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