Full-automatic Laser Cutting Production Line


PA series metal sheet automatic loading and unloading laser cutting production line, can control each part of the equipment through the intelligent motion controller, and can realize the automatic layering, reclaiming, feeding, discharging, laser cutting and other full-process automatic production. It will effectively guarantee product quality, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. The whole system has a good operation interface, which is convenient for the operator to use.

Vertical Storage, Space Saving Layout

8-layer vertical storage shelf with compact structure, which is space saving. 

The single-layer carrying capacity is 3 tons of orderly storage, which realizes the efficient and reasonable utilization of plant space resources.


Automatic Feeding & Unfeeding, Circulating Cutting

Automatic cycle cutting, feeding and unloading available, making the entire operation process faster and more efficient to save time and effort.
Frame: The frame is the foundation to support the movement of the loading and unloading system, and is assembled by the frame, beams and Z rods. The frame is welded with square pipes to make the overall rigidity of the frame better.

Automatic Feeding System: It is welded by high-strength seamless square tube, which has the characteristics of high strength, light weight and beautiful appearance. Equipped with vacuum suction cup, can be used to suck the board. The arrangement of the vacuum chuck is 4 rows longitudinally, which can be controlled independently. The plate thickness measurement device can effectively prevent the situation of loading multiple plates at one time during feeding. The layering device is composed of cylinders, which has high action sensitivity, good layered thickness measurement effect, and high cost performance, and is suitable for layered thickness measurement of various plates.


Automatic Unfeeding System: The motor drives the fork-to-fork structure, which has stable movement. The sheet material is not easy to fall off, and can be adapted to different specifications of sheets. The fork teeth are composed of high-strength square tubes with extremely high hardness and wear resistance, which can extend the life of the workpiece. When the material needs to be unloaded, the tine tooling moves to the cutting machine worktable and descends, the tines open the neutral position inserted into the tooth plate of the laser worktable, and then closed. The tine tooling rises to collect the cut parts and waste together. then the fork lifted and sent to the unloading area.


Intelligent Transporting, Automatic Production Line

The finished parts are automatically transferred to the storage tower, and the plate circulation and storage operation process is automated and mechanized, which effectively protects labor safety, reduces the plate damage rate, and realizes unattended operation.


European Standard, Safe Production

Equipped with P series protective laser cutting machine, optional 3000*1500mm work surface or 4000*2000 work surface. The working area is of fully enclosed design with laser protective glass observation window to ensure production safety throughout the process.

Professional Software of Control System

The automatic loading and unloading system is controlled by an independent PLC, and is integrated with the plate cutting system on the PC side through signal interaction, which will realize one-key automatic processing, reduce operation difficulty, improve production efficiency, and save labor costs.


High-Precision Transmission System


Simple Operation, User-friendly

WIFI Remote Control

Interconnection between different devices to make easy data transmission. Remote control system helps to resolve machine operation abnormality to guarantee continuous working efficiency.




Handle Operation Control

Magnetic design, take and put at any time.
The handle allows you to operate the machine at close range and control the machine at different angles, which makes it easier to operate.
One button wireless control to realize calibration, blowing, simulation, cutting, pause, etc.


Limit Switch Protection

Automatically monitor the range of operation of crossbeam and cutting parts.
Equipped with both hard and soft limit switches to greatly improve operational safety.



Intelligent Warning System


Give alarm if any abnormality and conduct self-inspection. The main interface gives an abnormality alarm to improving the efficiency of equipment abnormal troubleshooting. Reduce hidden dangers to save maintenance costs.
Regular maintenance reminders to extend the machine service life.




Auto-Lubrication System

The time and frequency of lubrication can be adjusted through the central control system. It can conduct comprehensive and multi-point lubrication for guide rails, sliders, screws, racks, etc., and automatically gather waste lubricating fluid, which ensures the high working efficiency of the equipment.
With lubrication abnormality alarm and low liquid level alarm functions to help maintain the cutter, the transmission mechanism will provide longer services with high cutting accuracy.

High-speed Cutting Database

High-quality cutting design database to help material processing;
To realize high-quality thick plate cutting as well as to double the speed.
Adjust cutting gas pressure automatically to reduce the use cost, and realize high-speed and high-precision cutting.





Technical Parameter

Model PA Series

Material Dimensions
Material Thickness  3mm below suggested, max 8mm
Material Weight 100kg below suggested, max 200kg
Machine Dimensions 6000*3000*5000mm
Machine Weight 3500kg
Stories 8
Bearing Per Sotry 300kg
Height Per Story 120mm
Traveling Distance X-axis 2500mm; Z-axis 1500mm
Operation PLC
Time of Working Period Single Feeding time: 50s;  Circulating Feeding time: 30s
Lifting Speed 200mm/s
Pallet Speed 200mm/s
*The above data are for reference only, subject to the actual product!



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