Full-automatic Loading and Unloading 
Tube Laser Cutting Machine


TA series is a high-precision tube processing equipment that supports automatic loading and unloading device. It has strong scalability to flexibly deal with various types of pipes, profiles and special-shaped pipe processing in large quantities. With the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and stability, it is widely used in automatic production lines, fitness equipment and other pipe processing industries.

Automatic Intelligent Loading and Unloading Process

Can realize one-key processing of metal pipe to make pipe cutting easier, reducing intensity and cost of labor force.
Intelligent loading: loading and cutting at the same time to achieve efficient cutting. The whole bundle of pipe put into the feeding device, and can link with the fiber laser cutting machine to realize intelligent feeding, seamless docking, cylinder material picking, servo feeding and chain transmitting to ensure to send one pipe to the conveying arm each. The single loading weight can be up to 4000kg, and the first feeding time is about 40s, cycle feeding time is about 20s.
Convenient unloading: after cutting, the finished workpieces will automatically fall into the receiving funnel, and the unloading area is with double supports to assist the ultra-long pipe.

Pneumatic Chucks, Stable Clamping

One-button clamping and automatic centering make it 3 times faster than the electric chuck, which save the waiting time for loading and unloading. Equipped with clamping claw to help save materials. The clamping strength of the chuck can be adjusted conveniently and quickly according to the thickness of the pipe wall. The pneumatic claw clamp force is large and stable to ensure cutting precision and the heavy pipe clamping does not slip. Helical gear transmission of strong rigidity, low noise and high transmission efficiency.

Pneumatic-Supported Auxiliary Bracket

Unique structure design to prevent tube sagging deformation and fluctuation while processing. Stable to use and resistant to vibration, which will improve working precision and prolong the service life of chuck and transmission structure.

Half-enclosed Protective Cover for Feeding Area

Designed with European standards, the feeding area is specially equipped with an extended protective cover to isolate the automatic feeding area from other areas of the site to avoid mutual interference and ensure a safe and stable production environment.

Professional Tube Cutting System, Intelligent Control

Professional pipe cutting machine bus control system to achieve fast response and strong anti-interference ability. Real-time compensation of pipe center deviation, reducing pipe clamping requirements to realize higher working efficiency. 
The pipe has higher perforation accuracy and better accurate cutting. Based on the bus real-time system and integrated control, the pipe-corner cutting is faster, and the corner following is more stable to make reliable cutting quality.

3D Tube Nesting Software TubesT, Meet Your Needs

TubesT is a 3D tube nesting software for the TA series. Full type compensation is available no matter from parts drawing to modification or strategic nesting to report generation. TubesT will always fully meet your production needs.

High-precision Transmission System


Simple Operation, User-friendly

Wifi Remote Control

Interconnection between different devices to make easy data transmission. Remote control system helps to resolve machine operation abnormality to guarantee continuous working efficiency.

Handle Operation Control

Magnetic design, take and put at any time.
The handle allows you to operate the machine at close range and control the machine at different angles, which makes it easier to operate.
One button wireless control to realize calibration, blowing, simulation, cutting, pause, etc.

Intelligent Warning System

Give alarm if any abnormality and conduct self-inspection. The main interface gives an abnormality alarm to improving the efficiency of equipment abnormal troubleshooting. Reduce hidden dangers to save maintenance costs.
Regular maintenance reminders to extend the machine service life.

Auto-Lubrication System

The time and frequency of lubrication can be adjusted through the central control system. It can conduct comprehensive and multi-point lubrication for guide rails, sliders, screws, racks, etc., and automatically gather waste lubricating fluid, which ensures the high working efficiency of the equipment.
With lubrication abnormality alarm and low liquid level alarm functions to help maintain the cutter, the transmission mechanism will provide longer services with high cutting accuracy.

High-speed Cutting Database

High-quality cutting design database to help material processing.
To realize high-quality thick plate cutting as well as to double the speed.
Adjust cutting gas pressure automatically to reduce the use cost, and realize high-speed and high-precision cutting.

Technical Parameter

 Model TA 6023 TA 6035
Diameter of Round Tube
Diameter of Square Tube
Cutting Tube Length 3000-6000mm
Max. Tube Weight ≤200kg/m
Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Repositioning Accuracy 0.03mm
Max. Acceleration 1.0G 0.8G
Laser Power 1000w-4000w
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